What is the best Nootropic Stack?

Most ‘smart pills’ out there contain nootropic ingredients. The beautiful thing about natural Adderall – Nootropic Stacks is flexibility. It enables you to adjust the dosages of each ingredient for personalized maximum results. If you are lacking motivation then increase the stimulating supplement. If anxiety prevents you to focus then increase L Theanine. You get the idea.

Baseline Nootropic Stack

MultiVitamins + Fish Oil source

Every Natural Adderall stack should have a source of multi-vitamins and fish oil source. Many health problems are caused by becoming deficient in basic nutrients and minerals. Taking a high-quality source of multivitamin formula can ensure your body has what it needs to perform at an optimal level. Choosing the cheapest vitamins is undeniably the biggest mistake people make.

Your body is your temple. You don’t want to put low quality stuff in there. It’s crazy how people carefully choose high quality gadgets, but shove cheap and disgusting things in their mouth. Choose high quality vitamins with good bioavailability. Fish oil with a high concentration of omega -3 EPA and DHA is also a must. That is your brain food.

There are only a few high quality ones out there. I personally recommend Nordic Naturals – Ultimate Omega and Life Force Multiple. This is a must for any supplement stack but especially for a Natural Adderall stack.

I am compelled to add that ever since I’ve started taking this basic regimen 5 years ago(along with exercise and proper diet), I have never gotten sick. Your body knows how to take it of itself. You just need you give it what it needs and it will distribute it where it is needed. Whatever your body does not need, it will just piss and shit it out. JUST DONT GET CHEAP ONES! Whatever stack you choose, your baseline stack should be the highest quality.

Beginners Nootropic Stack

L- Theanine + Caffeine

Caffeine is the world’s most popular drugs known to mankind. It has been proven that caffeine serves humans with a cognitive enhancing and stimulating effect. The side effects from caffeine such as anxiety, jitteriness and lack of sleep is neutralized by L Theanin. L Theanin is an extract from tea that provides a calming effect which allows you to focus and concentrate. L Theanine is also proven to reduce anxiety.

Some people enjoy their caffeine supply from coffee. I personally prefer caffeine pills to avoid the draw backs from drinking coffee. If you want to avoid coffee breath and coffee teeth, then buy the pills.

Novice Nootopic Stack

L Theanine + Caffeine + Focus XT + Alpha GPC

Focus XT is an all in one product that contains ingredients for focus, concentration, clarity, and alertness. It is also known to be used by body builders because of the improved mind-muscle connection and increased fat burning benefits during exercise. The problem with many cognitive enhancers is that the brain runs low on choline which can cause problems such as headaches and lethargy. Alpha GPC is a high quality choline source for your brain.

Cognitive Nootropic Stack

L Theanine + Caffeine + ALCAR + Alpha GPC + Gingko Biloba + Lion’s Mane + Racetam

Acetyl-L-Carnitine or ALCAR is used by many sports athletes. Users experience an improved speed of memory recall and attention span. It also increases concentration, focus and mental clarity. These benefits are the reason people love this addition to their nootropic stack.

Gingko Biloba and Lion’s Mane are two well-known natural brain supplements. Gingko Biloba increases blood flow to the brain which increases oxygen supply. Lion’s Mane, on the other hand, has a host of benefits. Immune system, and stimulation of NGF receptions are just a couple of the well-known benefits.

Racetams are the most powerful natural Adderall alternatives. They are the closest to prescription drugs. There are many types and the list keeps growing. The most well-known are Piracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, and Pramiracetam. Piracetam being the most basic and Pramiracetam the most potent. Each racetam affects people differently. So it is highly recommended to start with Piracetam as it is the most well known and most studied racetam.

Ultimate Nootropic Stack

The stack that works best for me is combining the Cognitive Stack with one of the legal Adderall alternative pills. This combination is what got me through the tedious courses like Calculus and Physics in college. If you decide that you want to use this ultimate natural Adderall stack then lower the caffeine dosage. If you are sensitive to caffeine then replace the caffeine pills with one of the Adderall alternatives.

I have experimented with countless nootropic stacks out there. My recommendations are based off of my own experiences. Everyone has their own preferences. But you must start somewhere and adjust from there. That is the beautiful thing about these nootropic stacks. You can adjust each ingredient to your personal preferences until you find maximum results. Start with any stack then adjust accordingly to make your own Natural Adderall stack.